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E-Mail: harry@stuver.com

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I have extensive experience with all versions of Windows Operating Systems (Win95 and later) as well as various central management tools for pushing new releases, patches and fixes.  As an A+ Certified Computer Service Technician, I have supported a wide variety of networking equipment, computers, printers, scanners and other peripherals, and I quickly and efficiently diagnose and resolve complex hardware and networking issues.


I have strong people skills, and am completely comfortable supporting internal and externals users, from beginners to experts, whether local or remote.  Through my experience with diverse organizational structures, politics and individual personalities, I adapt smoothly to variable and high-paced environments.



·         Experienced with Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, as well as many other software applications.

·         Strong technical experience with Computers, Desktops / Laptops, Networks, Software and equipment.

·         Extensive Software and Hardware user support experience dealing with escalated issues, quality assurance, and client relations.  Many areas including diagnostic work, system testing and troubleshooting.

·         Hard working, driven, and dedicated with a stable job history. Have excellent organizational, communication, analytical, and people skills. Sensitive to needs of others.




Orchard Supply Hardware, Torrance, California

Full Time Sales Associate (2012–Present)

Responsible for providing product information and solutions to customers seeking hardware in a retail setting.

·         Ensures customers are provided with various electrical, plumbing and hardware related products.

·         Provide product solutions to customers with various hardware based issues.



EQUIFAX (formerly LandAmerica Financial Corp), Atlanta, Georgia

Sr. Technical Support Analyst (2009-2010)


LANDAMERICA FINANCIAL CORP (formerly INFO1), Glen Allen, Virginia

Sr. Technical Support Analyst (2003-2009)


INFO1, Norcross, Georgia

Technical Support Analyst (1998-2003)

Note: From 1998 to 2010, the company I started with (INFO1) was acquired twice.


I was initially employed by INFO1 (which was acquired by LandAmerica Financial Services in 2003, which was acquired by Equifax in 2009), a high-growth, national provider of credit reports to the financial industry.  They serviced national, regional and local financial and mortgage industry clients, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Their primary vendors of raw credit data were Equifax, Experian, TransUnion.


My duties included end-user technical support for mortgage credit reporting system users, diagnosing system issues, system testing and troubleshooting, technical user support, maintaining system records, interfacing with software & hardware vendors, handling a wide variety of special projects, and all aspects of client relations.  I supported both co-located internal customers, and remote internal and external customers using a variety of remote access and centralized management tools, including VMware, WebEx, WSUS, Active Directory, LogMeIn, Terminal Services, Citrix MetaFrame, Team Viewer, GoToMyPC, Remote Desktop, SourceSafe, etc.  All activities were logged in our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, and performed according to strict Change Control policies and procedures.


·         Software tools & licensing

o    Kept up-to-date with current releases and patches

o    Managed check-in & check-out

o    Ensured usage was consistent with licensing requirements

·         Subject Matter Expert (SME) for proprietary application software

o    Internal and external applications

§  Web site

§  Thick client

§  Thin client

·         Supported B2B trading partners (clients and vendors)

o    Dozens of Check Point VPN’s

o    Private WAN connections

o    Over 120 trading partner B2B profiles

§  Data formats

§  Implementation

§  QA (Quality Assurance)

§  Support

·         Provided 3rd level end-user support

o    Hardware maintenance

o    Backups & restores

o    Server recovery

o    System administration

·         System installation support and upgrades

o    Hardware

o    Software

o    Network administration

o    System administration

·         Corporate-wide Windows upgrade team member

o    Windows 95  to Windows XP

o    Windows XP to Windows Vista

o    Windows Vista to Windows 7





Technical Support Specialist (1997-1998)

Responsible for providing technical support to field service technicians, vendors, and end-users; diagnostic work, building host and remote systems, creating field service bulletins, maintaining system records, safety compliance, and other technical support-related functions. Worked with Trans-Lux, AS&I, and ISE electronic message displays, scoreboards, time and temperature signs, and LED indoor and outdoor display systems.

·         Personally built host and remote PC, DEC, DOS, Windows, QNX, and proprietary-based controllers.

·         Position required interface with hardware and software engineers, bench technicians, and end-users.

·         Integrated a technical support system to facilitate the merger of AS&I, ISE, and Trans-Lux to form the nation’s largest electronic sign company.


Field Service Supervisor (1994-1997)

Responsible for managing field service operations, staff training and supervision, workflow coordination, system installation and configuration, system testing and troubleshooting, handling escalated issues, assisting in obtaining key client accounts, and customer relations. Provided on-site services for large scoreboards at stadiums and arenas, including Jack Murphy Stadium,The Rose Bowl, and Pauley Pavilion. Performed critical time-sensitive analysis and repair of scoreboard systems during games.

Field Service Representative (1984-1994)

Responsible for system installation, testing and troubleshooting. Facilitate hardware and software upgrades and other related assignments. Worked with all manner of electronic displays and telecommunications equipment, and worked extensively with financial industry systems.





 LAN Administrator Certification

VICTOR VALLEY COLLEGE Victorville, California

EL CAMINO COLLEGE Torrance, California

 Data Communications, Microcomputer Operations, Local Area Networks



·         A+ Service Technician (Microsoft Windows and DOS Environments), CompTIA.

·         Microsoft 2071A Querying SQL Server 2000, with Transact-SQL (2004).

·         Microsoft MS0526 Administering Windows NT 4.0



    California Drivers - Class C M1

    Amateur Radio – KD6NHN

    Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

    Occupational Safety Councils of America (OSCA)





Antisubmarine Warfare Technician      (1982-1986)



Active duty 1981 to 1982. Training included Aviation Fundamentals, Basic Electricity and Electronics, and Avionics Technician.